Children's Book Recommendations

I love good books that are written for children. It's why I want to publish them. Once per month, I'll send you a personally curated list of books that I recommend.

Why would you care about what books I recommend? Because I'm a parent, and I know the pain of slogging through a subpar story for the 17th time. I want to try and spare you some of that pain. Here are my highly opinionated criteria for a good book:

  • The illustrations are creative, appropriate, fun to look at, and all-around awesome.
  • The book can be read 5 nights in a row without getting sick of it.
  • The plot follows basic story-telling best practices.
  • The book is not too long (nor too short).
  • If it is not a rhyming book, it still has a poetic cadence and rhythm. See "The Giving Tree" or "Where the Wild Things Are" as good examples of this.
  • All summed up in three words: FUN TO READ.

A book I recommend might not hit ALL of these points, but you can be sure it will hit that last one.

What are some examples of books I would recommend? Other than the two mentioned in the list above, I would also place "I Want my Hat Back" and "The Little Blue Truck" among my favorites.

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